Matcha Colada was introduced by Toro Beverages Inc (Toro) to serve the rapidly expanding Hard Seltzer category. Matcha Colada delivers the full flavor you crave without all the sugar. The drinks are crafted with Japanese Uji matcha, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. They're sparkling and balanced to perfection. Toro is proud to remain a Canadian owned and operated company.

Our story

Toro was founded by Oussama (Sam) Saoudi; a matcha addict who grew up in Morocco before moving to Canada in 2014 to complete his Masters degree in engineering. Sam used to be a huge coffee consumer back then. After discovering matcha, the caffeine jitters and the energy slumps were gone. He wanted to bring the good energy of matcha to the world in a way that's easy to drink and that everyone can consume on the go. That's when he introduced TORO Matcha, a successful brand of Matcha Energy Drinks that’s distributed across Canada, the USA and the UAE.
Sam's passion for matcha is hitting again with Matcha Colada. Until now, alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages offered nothing new; most of what you could find on store shelves was either boring seltzers or synthetic cocktails loaded with sugar and pushed with nasty marketing strategies to hide what’s inside. Matcha Colada is made with better-for-you ingredients, zero sugar, zero sweeteners and bold flavours.